One of the women attending our CBE (Childbirth Education) class and also in our doula care program has surely seen better days.  With two children- ages 6 and 8 – an unexpected pregnancy did not bring her the joy that we often assume a mother experiences when she carries a child in her womb.

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Her husband – angry that she was again pregnant – blamed her despite the fact that she had been using birth control.  He insisted that she try to abort their child twice but both attempts were unsuccessful.  Her husband had been pressuring her to leave their home and move to her mother’s house, but just this week, the government beat him to it.  Their home was demolished by the government as are many homes in Addis when they are deemed to have been built illegally.

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Last week Genet stopped by to see this precious woman and brought with her food – oil, rice, potatoes, cabbage and kale – as well as some second hand clothes for her two boys that someone had kindly given for the family.

This brave woman’s response – “God is good!  He gives me courage.  Just this morning I prayed, ‘God, don’t you know I have nothing to eat and nothing to give my boys to eat.’  And now I have food and clothes.  Today’s my day!”