Yesterday we visited the home of one of our mothers and her two week baby boy.  We were thankful to see that both were doing well.

When we arrived we were greeted by a group of “neighborhood” children, all excited to accompany us to the family’s home.  There were about 14 of us crammed into the 10 x 6 foot tarp shack but no one complained.






Also accompanying us was a young Ethiopian woman who had heard about the newborn baby.  I would consider this young woman to be poor and with her own struggles to etch out a meager existence.


Celebrating Ethiopian New Year with my new friend (on the right)


When she heard about the newborn baby and the area where he was born, she expressed a desire to visit the family because as she said, “I want to work with the poor”.  She had brought along some food for the family that she had purchased, and after our visit her eyes welled with tears as she recounted the heartbreaking poverty and their living condition.

I am always amazed by the deep generosity of the people here.  They may have nearly nothing themselves, yet always find a way to give.  My own heart was moved to see this young woman give of the little she had – financially, emotionally and physically.  My hope is that this woman will chose to attend our Childbirth Education Classes, where we can better assess whether she would be a good candidate for our Doula training and work.


This is the brilliance of DHI’s work…  We have the privilege of helping save the lives of women and infants both during emergency situations, and by equipping mothers with the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent senseless deaths from occurring. But it doesn’t end there! – Through our Childbirth Education Classes we are also able to identify women with missionary hearts, full of compassion and service. We then encourage them in their giftings and provide the training needed so that they are the ones who minister to and care for the women in their very own community.

I was encouraged to see this young woman’s heart and it made me wonder about her future.  Will it include being present when a newborn child makes his or her entrance into this world?  Will she be the one to greet each new life with a smile and provide comfort care for each mother?  I can see it in her, an excellent doula in the making.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.