Program Objectives

Delivering Hope International works to enable communities within the majority world to better care for their women, mothers and infants. Our program goal is to bring valuable education to communities and empower them with the knowledge and skills to care for their mothers and children.  DHI’s community level Childbirth Education, Doula/Birth Assistant program is a highly effective, low cost way to improve maternal health, decrease maternal and child mortality.

Delivering Hope International Program Objectives:

Promote women’s health by improving the level of maternity care provided, decreasing maternal mortality, and providing dignified and compassionate support to pregnant and postpartum women of resource-poor countries.

Assist governments in decreasing maternal and infant mortality by working closely with regional health care workers, providing compassionate maternal support,  improving sanitary birth by providing clean birth kits, and encouraging women to seek ante, intra and postnatal care.

Reduce obstetric complications via assisted births.

Provide health education and awareness to women and communities regarding abortion, family planning, ante, intra and postnatal care, the female body and reproductive system, and newborn care and health, including breastfeeding and the transmission of HIV from mother to baby.

Reduce the delay in women and newborns receiving emergency health care by empowering families and communities to identify warning signs of complications, illness or infection at an early stage through Childbirth Education and Birth Worker support.

Provide compassionate, respectful care through continuous support from our DHI Birth Workers. Via the care provided DHI trained birth workers, women experience kind, sympathetic, dignified emotional and physical support. DHI birth workers also serve as advocates for the care and treatment of women, and help watch for complications that health staff may miss due to low staffing, overcrowded conditions, or environmental conditions such as low light. These workers can alert the staff to the possible complication so they can be further explored and diagnosed.

Improve newborn health by encouraging exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months, providing lactation support for women who experience difficulties nursing, and educating women, families and communities on how to identify danger signs on and when medical care is necessary.

Help bridge the gap between unassisted home births and health facility births. The DHI  program encourages Traditional/Lay Midwives to remain vital members of the maternity system by receiving DHI training and being incorporated into the program.

Share the love of Christ through service and acts of compassion and kindness. DHI birth workers provide love, care and education for the whole being, including physical, emotional, spiritual and social. These women truly are the body of Christ in providing kind, respectful, loving and sympathetic care to the world’s most vulnerable women, during one of the most vulnerable, dangerous periods of their lives.