Board of Directors

Sara Streitmatter: Co-Executive Director and President of the Board

Sara has a degree as a Registered Nurse and has worked in many areas including Family Practice, Obstetrician, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Sara is completing her Midwifery Care Education through Mercy In Action Midwifery School, and is a trained Doula and Childbirth Educator through ICEA.  According to WHO, Sara’s RN degree and Midwifery training classifies her as a “skilled birth attendant”.  Sara is an adoptive mother to 2 Ethiopian children, and has a passion for orphan care, in addition to family preservation. Sara’s passions including physically caring for the sick and needy, and educating communities and professionals on health care.

Kameron Shadrick: Co-Executive Director and Treasurer of the Board

Kameron earned a BA in Social Science and Liberal Studies in 2000 and a Secondary Education Teaching Credential in 2001. She taught secondary education for several years, and has been a small business owner since 2004.  As an adoptive mother to 3 Ethiopian children, she has a passion for orphan care and family preservation, in addition to providing safe, dignified care to women in developing nations. Kameron has completed her Midwifery Education at Mercy In Action Midwifery School. She is also a certified international Doula CD(DONA), and is a trained Doula and Childbirth Educator through ICEA.

Rachelle (Shelly) Weiland:  Vice President of the Board

Shelly earned her B.S in Business Management from Eastern Washington University in 1997, a B.S in Secondary Education from the same university in 1999, and ultimately her Master’s in Education in 2009. She taught high school computer applications for 14 years, and is currently a professor at Spokane Falls Community College. Shelly and her family in Ethiopia from 2013-2015 while volunteering at a school in Addis Ababa. Her passion for children from under developed countries sprang from the experiences she had while adopting two children from Ethiopia. 

Elizabeth Steggall-Lewis: Board Member

Liz Steggall-Lewis earned a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from Goshen College, IN in 2000 and completed her Master of Science in Social Work at University of Louisville Kent School of Social Work in 2002.  She spent the majority of her childhood years in the country of Yemen,  where her heart was stirred to serve those most vulnerable and to advocate for the poor and those lacking access to basic resources and medical care.  From 2014-2017 Liz lived in Addis Ababa with her family, serving as our in-country representative. She assisted DHI in the successful pilot of our program there and subsequent partnership with Brook Hills Development Organization. Over the past ten years she has volunteered with different Christian aid organizations to raise awareness of the needs of vulnerable women and children and funds necessary to assist in addressing the associated injustices.  Currently Liz acts as the Director of TeachBeyond, whose mission is to extend Christ’s love through the provision of transformational education to those who are displaced.