With the coming of a new season, we joyfully find ourselves embarking on another round of childbirth education classes. Ruth, our nurse and director, continues to teach these classes but this time around she is also training our doulas so that they will eventually be able to lead them on their own.  Ruth has enjoyed seeing Medhanet and Genet take leadership in this area, teaching small sections of each class.  This added responsibility helps to solidify and expand their knowledge and we look forward to the day when they are each teaching their own CBE classes!


We are so very thankful for our partnership with a local Ethiopian NGO, “Glimmer for Street Kids”.  We are holding our CBE classes at their program center and this week we move into a shared office with them, which is a huge blessing and all around great!  Glimmer’s main program focuses on both orphan and family sponsorship for those most vulnerable and destitute in Korah – the area where we work. Glimmer currently has 100 families in their program and we are so blessed to be able to provide maternity support for these women as well as childbirth education to prevent problems from occurring.


Ruth with Baby Betty, a living miracle

Our work is continually expanding and growing.  The summer months have been busy with life-saving care.  These situations have helped us learn what to do in emergency situations and we can now begin to take that learned knowledge and use it to better develop our program.


Baby Betty when she was so sick…

Just this past month we applied for a grant that would allow us to expand our current services for expectant mothers.  It would allow us the finances to provide better quality maternal care as well as medical care in emergency situations, and funds to start income generating activities (like small business grants) with the poorest of the poor.

We have been grateful for the support we have received from those who have responded to needs posted on our face book page.  It has been so encouraging to see people’s hearts moved and to have those who share in our passion for maternal and infant health care in Ethiopia.

Thank you for taking the time to read about, “like” and “share” all that God is doing in Ethiopia!  The network you provide for us is invaluable! We are thrilled to say that after 2 years of working to establish our work in Ethiopia, these past months we are joyfully beginning to see our hopes for the doula program come to fruition.


Thank you for joining us on this journey, through encouragement, prayer, support and enthusiasm. We could not do this alone!

With His LOVE,

The DHI Team