Life for women in Korah is difficult.

We’ve been working with women in this area of Addis for the past two years and we know from their experiences that their days are filled with hardship. Whether it is sitting on the side of a dusty, polluted street from morning to night, baby in arms, hoping to sell vegetables or coal.   Or climbing the side of a mountain of rubbish that defines their neighborhood – surrounded by the smells of rotten garbage and smoke fumes from the burning piles – looking for anything that might help to keep your family going.

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Mothers want to take care of their children but some days it feels impossible.  At home, they are greeted by a dark, cold room – no running water or creature comforts and the worry that next month they may be on the street if they can’t come up with the rent.


There is very little room for hope in this environment.  Little chance to just sit down, relax, and feel like it might be okay.

This is why we are so excited to announce that in two weeks we will begin our first sewing class in Korah.  A home economics teacher from the United States will be teaching a group of our mothers once a week for 3 months. She will show them how to sew quilted blankets for their babes and how to crochet hats for their newborns.

And it is our hope that this class will be a source of hope for these women.  A chance for them to drink a cup of tea and learn a new skill- make their baby a blanket – and engage in conversation.  To feel loved and supported and less alone.


We anticipate this being a time where we can continue to discuss health related topics that they have previously learned in CBE classes and from their doula, as well as to provide an informal space where they can support one another and share in their struggles and joys.

It gives us a way to keep in touch with women who have been discharged from our program and to check up on their baby and his or her development and health.


It helps us to identify women who show skill and determination and who have a passion for sewing.  We can then invest in these women more fully through referring them to a six month training program with Good Samaritan Vocational Education and Training where upon graduation they will be assisted with job placement in this field.  This is a much better option than climbing the trash mountain in Korah each day and it is a real and tangible way out of extreme poverty.

But most importantly we desire to share Christ’s love and good news with them during these weekly gatherings and to encourage them that their hope is in the Lord.


“But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Saviour; my God will hear me.”   Micah 7:7

So how can you get involved?

We are looking for 10 donors (at $40 each) with a heart to sponsor our sewing classes.  A one-time donation of $40 will help to cover the costs of our materials and a small healthy snack for the ladies who attend each week.  Would you consider being one of our donors and bringing hope to these women in this way?

If you would like to bless these women in this way, please visit us here to make your one time donation, and simply put “sewing project” in the memo/notes section.

Thank you!!!!