Meet Jonas – God’s Graciousness

We were so happy that Belienesh gave birth two weeks ago to a healthy, beautiful baby boy, Jonas (“John”  which means “God is Gracious”).

DHI July 30 2015 blog post photo - Copy

Typically children are not named until a few weeks after birth, as parents like to get to know their child’s personality before naming them.  So it was a surprise when we ran into Belienesh at the health clinic a week postpartum and she had already named her child and was taking him to the clinic for a check-up.  He truly is a reflection of God’s graciousness.

If you remember, we spoke about Belienesh a few weeks ago.  She is an ambitious, hard working woman who has recently come into even harder times.  With money to start a small vegetable business, she can support her family.  If you’d like to donate to help Belienish, or other mothers like her, to start a small business please consider a gift of $50.  This will make all the difference for the future of this beautiful boy, Jonas.

Belienesh with her proud 6 year old daughter and new baby Jonas

Belienesh with her proud 6 year old daughter and new baby Jonas

Our doulas continue to do a wonderful job supporting their mothers.  We are working to establish a partnership with a new, local health clinic, so that our doulas will have the chance to accompany women into the labour room at the health clinic.  This will be a huge step forward and virtually unknown of in Ethiopia, as currently women must labour and deliver their babies alone, with no outside support other than staff that is provided by the health centre.

We are looking to begin our next round of childbirth education classes – the biggest difference will be that this time our doulas will be assisting our director, Ruth, in teaching the classes with the goal of being able to teach their own classes within the next few months.   If you would like to partner with us in providing such vital, life changing education and skills, we are in need of additional funding to help with the start-up costs of classes, including refreshments, photocopying of our materials, and the purchase of chairs.

Thank you for all of your support.  Because of people’s generosity, we are able to see God’s graciousness every day in our work.


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