Genet’s Dream

Has God ever spoken to you through a dream?  Have you woken up, sensing His presence and pondering what the dream meant?  Have you prayed and waited for Him to reveal His plan for you in His time?


This week our director Ruth shared with me a story about a dream that one of our DHI Birth Workers had several months ago, before coming to work for DHI.  Last Friday after our visit with our Birth Workers and several of the women who they have been ministering to, one of the two Birth Workers – Genet- walked us out to where our white van was parked.  We hugged and said goodbye and then drove away.  The next day, Genet shared with Ruth how emotional that moment was for her.


In Genet’s dream months earlier, God had shown her a white van full of “forengis” and one Ethiopian woman, wearing brown camouflage clothes and soldiers boots.  They had come to look for her and they were ‘determined like Paul’, ‘faithful to the point of death’, and ‘equipped to go to the ends of the world to find her’.

They told her not to worry about her family or her family’s needs, that they would help provide for them but that they needed her to come with them.  They told her there was another woman they needed to find, ‘an evangelist, someone who is poor but loves the Lord’.  Then they took her into the van to find the other woman.

When Genet saw the white van with the two forengi women and an Ethiopian woman inside (and knew of all the other forengis who have committed themselves to working for her and the women of Ethiopia), she burst into tears.  How intimately God was revealing His plan to her. 

What a gift of hope this dream is for all of us.  It is not only confirmation that it is God who orchestrates the work of DHI, but it also shows us His heart.  If God cares so deeply about a forgotten, poor, “unimportant” woman in a slum in Addis Ababa and has a plan for her life, then what dream does He have for you and I, and are we willing to open ourselves up to Him fully so that He can reveal His plans for our life to us?

In the last two weeks of being involved with DHI’s work, I have had the privilege of experiencing the presence of Jesus so fully that after that first visit, I drove away in the van, overwhelmed with hope, not despair despite the suffering that is a part of these women’s lives.

I can only thank Him that he has chosen me to be one of those women in the white van, given the task of loving and caring for some of the many forgotten women in this world.


And now we must pray that we can be “determined, faithful, and equipped to go to the ends of the world” to do what we can for these forgotten women.  Because the women I’ve met need us, and we need them.  Together, we are able to experience the grace and love and goodness of Jesus and be a part of building the kingdom of God here on earth.

– Liz


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