Have you ever been invited to a party where they sell things that you’ll will never use, such as kitchen supplies, art, clothes, etc.? Don’t get me wrong, some of those products are great and we may really want them, but do we really NEED them?
Rather than throwing a party where we think of ourselves and our wants, think about a party where we can make a significant difference in the lives of others.

What if you lived in a place where the odds are high that you won’t survive pregnancy or childbirth? Or what if you had no access to a skilled birth attendant and you had to give birth at home, in unsanitary conditions, without birthing or postpartum supplies?

This is reality for women in Ethiopia.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, consider celebrating moms around the globe by hosting a DHI Mother’s Day Party. Get your mom, sisters, and girlfriends together to donate supplies and make postpartum care kits for new moms in Ethiopia. These simple kits will change lives, including yours!

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Does this type of party sound fun?

If you would like to download pre-made party invitations, visit here: DHI Mother Day Party Invitation, and go here for items needed in a Postpartum Care Kit, and here for the DHI Washable Sanitary Pad pattern.

You may also want to consider sharing this short video with the friends and family you invite to your Mother’s Day Party. It explains a little about the problem and our vision….

For more ideas and information about how you could organize a party, please email: info@DeliveringHopeInt.com.

~Susan Osborn